Scope of business
Oil Refinery And Petrochemicals

-                 Searching and selecting the investment destination;

-                 Applying and obtaining the Investment Certificate and other licenses as stipulated by the law;

-                 Preparing the Feasibility Study, Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Fire Prevention Scheme, Seaport Construction Scheme..,

Legal Consultancy

-                 Acting as an advisor and performer in such activities as incorporation, merger, division and dissolution of enterprises; Giving advice to the Investor on applying and obtaining the investment Certificate, operating licenses, establishment of Representative Office and of other post-licensing procedures…;

Humand Resource Training Consulting

-                 Building and operating the primary, secondary and vocational school.

-                 Associating with noted universities to train engineers and workers who have full qualification, skill and knowledge of oil refinery, petrochemicals and chemicals, etc.

Environment Consulting

-                 Conducing the sampling of air, surface water, groundwater, soil, river sediments, sea sediments; analyizing the collected samples to gather the baseline monitoring;

-                 Giving advice onn wastewater treatment and treatment of other types of waste;

Other Services

-                 Acting as a provider of market information and data base on oil refinery, petrochemicals, finance, law and investment…;

-                 Proposing investment projects, preparing investment options;

-                 Inspecting and controlling financial activities;

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